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Feb 11, 2022 Updates

· 2 min read
Bohdan Khorolets
Olga Telezhnaya
Vlad Frolov

Greeting from the Indexer Team. At least from that part of the team who is not having a vacation yet 🤪

We've brought some exciting news about our progress this week.

Indexer Team is focused on Lightweight NEAR Indexer infrastructure and Indexer for Explorer. The majority of our work this week was about a brand new indexer NEAR Lake. Enjoy the weekly update with us:

  • In the process of revising the StreamerMessage struct (ref) we:
    • Made an extraction of indexer-related types to a separate crate near-indexer-primitives and it is going to be published to very soon, hopefully. (@khorolets)
    • Moved state_changes field from the top-level of the StreamerMessage to the IndexerShard along with additional post-processing that enables the division of the StateChanges by the shard (ref PR) (@khorolets)
  • NEAR Lake project is developing:
    • Now it has a README with the description of the concept and the reason for existing. Please, have a look at the (@khorolets)
    • NEAR Lake ecosystem friends arriving at the party. Meet NEAR Lake Framework in its early days and first step (@khorolets) The coolest thing about the near-lake-framework is that it depends only on near-indexer-primitives and doesn't require the entire nearcore! It can be built on Apple M1 and run on it smoothly.
    • And a small yet working project near-lake-raw-printer, built on top of NEAR Lake Framework has been created. Think of it as about a starting point for the projects that use the NEAR Lake Framework and are capable of doing something with the raw data from the NEAR Lake (@khorolets)

Both projects near-lake-framework and near-lake-raw-printer have been just published and missed the README. Also, they are not finalized, so it's too early to start using them.

Worth mentioning that we have started the node with NEAR Lake instance for the testnet 🎉 and it is running from the genesis, filling the AWS S3 bucket with the data.

That's all for today, see you next week. Let's keep rocking! 🤘