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Jul 22, 2022 Updates

· 2 min read
Bohdan Khorolets
Olga Telezhnaya
Vlad Frolov
Yijia Tiffany Gao

Hey everyone! The Data Platform Team is here with the updates. This time we will be quick as of part of us are on vacation.

Friendly reminder that next Thursday, Jul 28, 2022, our team is hosting the regular Community Meeting. Please, follow the link to register and add the event to your calendar. Bring your best mood and questions with you!

The main focus this week was on Alerts Feature for DevConsole.


  • Alerts Feature has been empowered with Events Standard alerts (@khorolets)
  • Account Balances alerts are in the final stage and will be finished soon (@khorolets)
  • E-mail delivery channel for Alerts Feature is yet to be done (was postponed in favor of Account Balances alerts) (@khorolets)

And this is it for this week. We continue the work we do in order to deliver awesome features to DevConsole. Stay tuned! And don't forget about the Data Platform Community Meeting next Thursday, Jul 28, 2022. See you on Thursday!

Have a question about indexers? Post it on StackOverflow with tags nearprotocol and indexer to get an answer!

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