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NEAR Lake Framework


NEAR Lake Framework is an ecosystem of library companions to NEAR Lake. They allow you to build your own indexer that subscribes to the stream of blocks from the NEAR Lake data source and create your own logic to process the NEAR Protocol data in the programming languages of your choice (at the moment, there are implementations in Python, JavaScript, and Rust).

NEAR Lake Framework announcement

We have announced the release of NEAR Lake Framework on NEAR Gov forum

Please, read the post there

How does it compare to NEAR Indexer Framework?

FeatureIndexer FrameworkLake Framework
Allows to follow the blocks and transactions in the NEAR ProtocolYesYes
(but only mainnet and testnet networks)
(Pagoda Inc provides the data)
Estimated cost of infrastructure$500+/mo$20/mo
Ease of maintenanceAdvanced
(need to follow every nearcore upgrade, and sync state)
(deploy once and forget)
How long will it take to start?days (on mainnet/testnet)seconds
Ease of local developmentAdvanced
(localnet is a good option, but testing on testnet/mainnet is too heavy)
(see tutorials)
Programming languages that a custom indexer can be implemented withRust onlyAny
(currently, helper packages are released in Python, JavaScript, and Rust)

What is the cost of running a custom indexer based on NEAR Lake?

Indexers that are based on NEAR Lake consume 100-500MB of RAM depending on the size of preloading queue, it does not require any storage, and it takes quite a bit of CPU power, so even Raspberry PI will do the job.

Getting the blockchain data from S3 will cost around $20 per month as NEAR Lake configured S3 buckets in such a way that the reader is paying the costs.

Examples & Tutorials